Issues Over APD DNA Lab Raised Over 5 Years Ago

The Austin Cops Departments forensics lab is an important part of the justice process. Its where vital evidence for investigations and convictions are analyzed.KEYE TELEVISION cameras

have formerly been allowed into the blood and fingerprinting laboratories. However we were not given access to the DNA processing lab over issues of polluting evidence.Now APDs DNA laboratory stays closed after an audit found the improper handling of samples and a personnel not trained in the most current research techniques.One Austin attorney says this is a major concern especially for cases that utilized resultsarise from this lab.I hope someone takes this seriously, attorney Jerry Smith stated. Comes in here, sanitizes this system, gets rid of the bad apples and cleans this system up so we can have a genuine degree of self-confidence in the tests that are run.A site evaluation by the Texas Forensic Science Commission in May and again in June discovered some tests were neither scientifically valid nor supported by

the forensic DNA community.It likewise found senior experts in the APD DNA lab appear to have misconstrued language from the scientific working group on DNA analysis methods.Chief Art Acevedo concurred to suspend operations in the APD DNA laboratory

for four to six months to bring the screening treatments approximately the greatest standards.At completion of the day, I wantwish to ensure that we are consistentfollow the requirements that we as a state have embraced, Acevedo said. And requirements constant with the FBI guidelines.But, KEYE TELEVISION obtained files exposing concerns returning to 2010.

Cecily Hamilton raised some substantial issues about the lab a year or 2 back, Smith said.In an Austin police department memorandum acquired through an attorney, Senior DNA Forensic Researcher Cecily Hamilton raised concerns about issues not only in DNA training however likewise in DNA casework.She said that some of the professionals were not truly qualified that a few of the testing procedures were not being followed,

Smith said.But, a review of Hamiltons claims by APD and the Texas Department of Public Security discovered there was no basis for the quality guarantee and work performance problems. It went on to say the lab was also cleared of all DNA associated accusations at the time.